The 100k Roadmap Membership

£310.00 / month for 4 months

The Roadmap to Your First 100k

Online Roadmap, Mastermind, Courses and Workshops

12 month Membership

4 monthly payments x £310

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What’s in The 100k Roadmap:

  • 12x 100k Mastermind Business Builder meetings online (and recordings)
    • At every meeting you will get your chance to explore issues, within the Mastermind framework with your peers on:
      • Growing your business in terms of cash and size
      • Professional & Personal Goals
      • Sales, Marketing & Branding
      • Products and services in competitive markets
      • Stress Prevention / Control
      • Emotional Intelligence, Attitude & Motivation
      • Networking & Referral Generation
      • Communications with yourself & others
      • Pricing and getting profit for growth
      • Coaching Skills
      • Building a growing business
      • Processes
  • 12 x Monthly Live Q&A’s and Check-ins
  • International Guest Speakers, Authors and Experts throughout the year
  • Access to these online programmes:-
    • Running Your Business From The Front – Goals, Planning and Achieving Made Simple with Amazing Results
    • Selling The Right Way – How to make people desire your products and services without the hard sell
    • The Right Product – Understanding your customers
    • The Right Services – Understanding your customers needs, desires and thoughts as well as generating great marketing from it
    • Massive Marketing Wins – Create memorable marketing that gets you fans, not just customers
    • Cutting The Fat From The Business – How to run a lean business that makes you money and makes happy customers
    • The Fuel to Drive Your Business – Manage cash flow and manage business debt
  • Access to ‘The 5k Explosion’ – How to generate an extra 5k per month workshop
  • Facebook Group
  • VIP status and access to LIVE events for 12 months
  • Access to new books / downloads / services before anyone else


“I have just taken part in Marc Ford’s last Mastermind group for 2020 and have been reviewing the year.
At the end of 2019 I was ready to give up the business as it had been in decline since 2016. I did a lot of soul searching and chatting with Marc. I came to the conclusion to give it one more year and if things didn’t improve, I would have to close the business and do something else. I am now at the end of 2020 and turnover is up from last year and I’m looking at breakeven, rather than making a loss as I have done in previous years.
What’s changed? My mindset.
I have stopped looking back and making excuses. I can’t change the past so I have to leave it behind. I have decided that its totally down to me and in my control. I have decided that I want the business to be a success and for me to be proud of the business so I need to focus on what I can control and not the problems I can’t. Yes, it’s been a difficult year but I have had to down size and have moved the business to new premises, yet it’s been the best year since 2016 and I am now more determined to make 2021 an even better year.”
Denise Peasgood, Retailer

“I have known Marc for a few years now and have been in a few of his courses. I decided to take the plunge and invest in his Mastermind group. We have so far only had 2 sessions and I am already seeing a huge benefit from it. Marc is very clear on his questioning to make us all think more clearly about what we are trying to achieve, and why you are you trying to achieve it. Bring in a group of like-minded individuals (none of us has big egos) we have been amazed at how similar our problems and goals are, and that it is our mindsets and accountability that are often causing us the most issues. I would massively recommend Marc and the Mastermind Groups.”

Matt Shurmer, Multi-Franchise Business Owner

“I recently joined a Mastermind of Marc’s, having known him for about 18 months. Marc id definitely not your typical coach, but make no mistake, he is one astute business person. He helps people see where their strengths are and how to play them. Picks the questions you weren’t expecting to get to the root of an issue.Challenges but knows how far to push and when to stop. Someone who remembers that it’s not just about the business – the personal life of the owner has to feel right too. The group format means that you learn as much – or more – from listening to other business owners’ challenges and doubts, and sharing your own suggestion or observations to help others, as you learn from talking about your own business issues. In one meeting I’d found a way forward on something I’d been stuck with for months. Joining a Mastermind is one of the best decisions I have made since starting my own business.”


Marion Parrish, Owner of The Accidental Manager HR Consultancy.