ONLINE Mini Mastermind Kickstart

£39.00 / week for 4 weeks

5 Business owners…getting together every week online for 4 weeks…growing their businesses together…5x 90 minute kickstarter sessions PLUS support.

Monday’s between 10am and 1130am every week

20/7/2020 – 10/8/2020

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Do you want a quick, rapid focus on the elements of your business that matter?

Do you want to be supported over the next 4 weeks to get your business focused and kickstarted and ‘relaunch’ as better, fitter, stronger business in 4 weeks?

Do you want accountability, help and support to get [email protected]@@ done?

Then here we go…

Quite simply I put this Mastermind programme together for 5 businesses, to grow their business so that between them, at the end of the 4 weeks, they will have a better, fitter, stronger business. Game changing for some. Life changing for others.

At these 90 minute online meetings you will get your chance to explore issues with the chairperson and your peers on:

Week 1: Goals and Goal Setting (July 20 2020)

Week 2: Plans and Planning & How to motivate yourself putting it into place (July 27 2020)

Week 3: Sales, Marketing and Branding – In the short term, medium term and long term. (August 3 2020)

Week 4: Networking and Referral Generation – Putting this all together and making it work (August 10 2020)

BONUS: Catch up and analysis (August 31 2020)

Monday’s between 10am and 1130am every week for 4 weeks (Starting 20/7/2020)

Plus EXTRA Bonuses

  • EVERY Mastermind is started with Marc doing a ‘shoot’ presentation on the subject, based on his 20+ years of experience in corporate and self-employment.
  • Loads of FREE support included – eg: Secret Facebook Group, online presentations, audio downloads, training information, video downloads, and e-books + loads more!
  • EVERY Attendee will have the opportunity to access future events at a discounted rate versus, early-bird and full price rates.

The power and necessity of Mastermind Groups have been well documented in business success stories and key business books, such as ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Being able to benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of a small, exclusive group of people that all have the same vision can be inspirational as well as increase the likelihood of success within your business at a fraction of the price of a 1:1 coaching relationship.

When you take part in this Exclusive Kickstarter Group for 4 weeks, you are very likely to have a better, fitter, stronger and more resilient business than when you started.

This 4 week programme is based on 11 years of research into highly effective people and top achievers and will include expert guest speakers who will share the secrets of personal and business effectiveness.

Masterminding is a creative group process that asks you to commit to actions between sessions and hold each other and yourself accountable.

Come join us…