Lessons in Business from Dr Who


How can a show based on travel in time and space give you Business Lessons that will help you monetise, grow and market your business?

Well…it’s a 60 year old franchise and has seen mismanagement, rockstar status, brilliant marketing and just as bad marketing, so it has MORE business lessons than you’ll know. Now, in the future and in the past.

No matter wether you are a fan or not, this is 200+ pages of ideas, thoughts and strategies that any business owner can learn from.

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What can a business owner learn from a British Sci-Fi show that was derided by many, watched by millions and had wobbly sets?

Actually quite a lot…

The Classic TV Franchise has seen many highs and just as many lows.

From mis-management to mis-steps to terrible creative ideas to ‘Rockstar’ statuses to breaking itself apart.

Every business goes through these same steps at some point or another.

So here is an alternative look at how a successful business can be run with a dose of British Sci-Fi Nostalgia

No matter wether you are a fan or not, this is 200+ pages of ideas, thoughts and strategies that any business owner can learn from.

I’m Marc Ford, Your Best Kept Business Secret, and I’m a Dr Who fan…there said it. This started out as a 20 minute presentation which turned into a podcast, which has now turned into this book. (Volume 1 of 2, btw)

What’s in it?

Here are just some of the Business Lessons that are talked about…

  1. Opportunity
  2. Test stuff 
  3. Graft
  4. Give people a reason ‘why’ 
  5. View your competitors as a nemesis
  6. Recognise the time for change
  7. No one wants to be the person who follows ‘the guy’, but inevitably it will happen
  8. Being that person will divide opinion
  9. When the next generation fails, it’s not the end
  10. Look at your business and the world around you in equal measure
  11. Businesses should use emotions in selling and their positioning
  12. Are you cutting your nose off to spite your face? 
  13. Knowing when to get out
  14. Doing what you can within a budget is a ‘Golden Rule in Business’
  15. Moving away from core principles and values is a risk
  16. If you diversify, make sure you’re spinning the right plates
  17. There are no such things as new ideas
  18. If you look flash, make sure the product or service backs it up 
  19. Connect on a personal level with your customers
  20. Backwards steps are sometimes needed to move forwards
  21. If you were successful once, going back to something can be a risk
  22. Colours and Logo’s
  23. Competition is inspiring
  24. Ask for help
  25. If you’re going to be anything in business, it’s be authentic….

…and tons more.

This is a book that will take you forward, back, up, down and sideways in your business all helping you grow you monetise, grow and market your business…perhaps for the next 60 years?!