Never forget the biggest and most important relationship in your business.

This relationship is so very important and very much overlooked by everyone until things go wrong.

This relationship is more important than the one with friends and family. It’s massively important not to rely on those people but to have people around to let off steam with. If things go wrong, the love and support from your friends and family are very, very healthy and humbling. They will be there to get you ‘out of your funk’ and help you see things more clearly. And if you’re a massive success, they will be there to help you celebrate. There is a never a truer word spoken when people say “It’s lonely at the top…”, so why become another statistic? Success isn’t all about money. It’s just as much about the quality of the life you have outside of the business.

But apart from friends and family, I am yet to mention the most important relationship in your business. It’s with you. The most important asset in your business. Without you…there is no business.

We are constantly pushed to remember this, remember that. Be here, be there. Do this, do that. And all of it for other people, who generally don’t give a crap about you or your business.

We spend hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands on things that make our businesses run properly. We take time and effort to get them to work as efficiently as they can do, but perhaps we are all guilty of not taking the time and effort to manage the most important part of the business; ourselves.

 What can you do today?

Schedule some time for you. Get a relationship with your mind and your body.

Go to the gym. Go for a walk.

Take the morning off. Take a day off.

Recharge your batteries.

Respecting yourself as much as you respect any other part of your business is vital to your business success.

Listen to your mind and body. If it doesn’t feel right, take advice. Not respecting yourself is worse than abusing any relationships you may have. So schedule some time to be with you…just you. Your business will thank you for it.