Size doesn’t matter—unless you let it

 This is one of those points that I emphasise a lot in all of my coaching. Don’t let the size of your business prevent you from doing it right. You don’t need to be a big corporation to have a good corporate image. I have played a significant role in developing strong corporate images for countless small businesses and, yes, they have invested a significant amount in the image but they have all built much stronger businesses as a result of this investment. In fact, I would go one step further and say that it is much easier for a smaller business to develop a good corporate image than it is for a larger organisation.

Imagine the decision-making process: a small business may have only a couple of people to make the final decision, so the process is short; a big corporation can have an endless decision-making process that will make the task almost impossible and often it is, hence any change takes a long time to develop.

Costs are proportional. Developing a new logo for a large multi-national corporation can be a huge pain in the backside. It goes through meetings, committees, politics and presentations galore. It takes time and money. If you’re a small business, you can approach local designers, or websites that can have much quicker turnaround times and doesn’t need the approval of hundreds of people, just the ones that matter.