It’s not that serious – have some fun!

I am a very firm believer that business should be fun. Sure there are plenty of times when this is easier said than done, but some businesses just seem to lack any joy at all. I can’t imagine working in an environment like that for hours on end, day after day, month after month. I think some people confuse professionalism with being serious. It is not unprofessional to have a workplace where people like to laugh and enjoy themselves. As a customer, it is much more enjoyable to walk into a light, friendly, energetic environment than a serious, gloomy and uncomfortable environment.

Fun takes many different shapes but I believe very strongly that it should be welcomed into all businesses and I do believe it is a key component of many of the leading winning businesses I have observed. For me, it is a real joy to see modern entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson, who are such key advocates of promoting fun for staff and customers. Sure we all have stressful times, we all have to balance money, deal with unhappy customers, manage staff problems and a host of other everyday issues, but it really isn’t that serious. Have some fun at work, encourage other people to do likewise and you and your business will enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

What can you do today?

There is a lot here to think about. Go into it with a sense of humour. The winning businesses don’t take themselves too seriously. Sir Richard Branson dresses up in wedding dresses to promote his business. If you ask ‘Siri’ certain questions it comes up with funny answers and that’s from a company that is an international giant.

Make up a list of five things you could do to introduce more fun into your workplace and your business. If you struggle to find five things, ask your staff or ask your customers. There is nothing wrong with asking other people for ideas.