You: Just add laughter (in vast amounts and often)

I am a very big advocate of having a lot of fun in your workplace. This is a point which I discussed earlier in this book. Having fun is not unprofessional – everyone benefits and people like to be involved.

The most noticeable example I have seen of this in recent times was by a national fresh juice business that has grown to have hundreds of outlets in a very short time. A visit to one of these stores is like visiting the theatre.

The team have a lot of interaction with each other and they laugh, they have fun, they clown around and they generally seem to be having a pretty good time. As a customer, it is very refreshing to watch a group of young, energetic people having fun doing what they are doing. It makes the whole experience far more enjoyable. Judging by the way this business is growing, there is no shortage of customers who share my views.

An excellent book that promotes the concept of bringing some fun into the workplace is Fish by Stephen Lundin.

The author bases his recommendations on his observations of a very successful fishmongering business at the Pike Place Fish Markets in Seattle.

The book has sold millions of copies worldwide so there appears to be a lot of support for the idea that it is not only okay to bring some fun into your workplace, it is actually a very significant method to help build a successful business.

Lighten up your business and encourage your team to bring some humour and fun into the workplace. Personally, I believe it will show the colleagues have a degree of confidence in the business when they feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves.

What can you do today? 

If you haven’t already purchased a copy of the book ‘Fish’, today is the day.

Buy it, read it and put some of the author’s recommendations for action.

If you have already got a copy sitting on your bookshelf, open it up and pick out a few simple tips and action them.