Leicester small business conference and show

Welcome to the Leicester Small Business Conference and Show 2020

Did you know that in the last couple of years, there are now MORE self-employed business owners and charity owners than ACTUAL employees in the UK?

Did you know there are over 30,000 businesses in Leicestershire and nearly 90% of those are local and micro businesses?

This shows you that the REAL dynamic in our local economy is YOU the self employed business and charity owner.

So the ‘Leicester Small Business Conference and Show’ has been designed to not only showcase some of the best that Leicestershire has to offer, but also celebrate, support and improve what the business community has to offer it’s customers and clients.

We are bringing together business owners from across Leicestershire to not only encourage them to ‘do business’ with each other but we’re bringing in INTERNATIONAL speakers who have built successful businesses of their own to share their thoughts, ideas and strategies with you.

Leicestershire small business conference and show

The Conference Speakers

TBC 14 Feb 2020

TBC 14 Feb 2020

TBC 14 Feb 2020

TBC 14 Feb 2020

TBC 14 Feb 2020

These speakers have been invited to the conference to speak because they are proven experts in their field. Not only have they written, taught and spoken to business owners like you around the world, they have helped those business owners monetise, grow and market their businesses to their full potential.

Leicester Business conference and show speakers
Leicester Small Business and Charity Conference and Show
Leicester Business small business show and conference

Celebrate and Showcase Your Business or Charity

Join 70 other Leicestershire small businesses and charities in showcasing and exhibiting their products and services that will help your business and our business economy to continue to thrive and grow in 2020.

If you’ve never been to a show or ‘expo’, NOW is the time to do it.

We are offering spaces from £149, with further options of exhibition design and print packages supplied by our print partners, RS Print.

For this yearly event we want new businesses, one-person bands, established businesses, experts, coaches and anyone that wants to ‘do business’ with more customers and clients but have felt that ‘cost’ and a return on investment is a barrier to them celebrating and showcasing their business.

Once signed up we’ll even send you guides and videos on what you NEED to do to benefit from this event as well as what you SHOULD’NT do at this type of event! We will help you and your business have a GREAT day and help you MAXIMISE what you can benefit from throughout the event!

For more details or to book your place : Click HERE

Are you a Speaker, Coach or Expert That Wants To Help Other Businesses and Charities?

During the day we want to put on up to 10 mini-workshops and presentations that will help business and charity owners grow their appeal in 2020.

They will be held in our fully equipped, breakout areas where attendees can network, mingle and learn how they can grow their business for the year ahead.

What the businesses and charities of Leicester DON’T want is the ‘Rush to the back of the room‘ mentality and speakers spend 40 minutes ‘selling their stuff’. The team at Leicester Small Business Conference and Show want VALUE, VALUE, VALUE and for you to build RELATIONSHIPS with people you can really help.

So if you are an author, speaker, coach or expert in your field and want to speak to your ideal customers and clients, then contact us HERE for details on how to book your 40 minute session for you to show what you’re made of!