You share valuable lessons and tools alongside real life examples, whilst managing to keep the atmosphere of the room fun and energised throughout the day. I learnt the importance of developing strong alliances and partnerships, and how to reach new clients by understanding who they are and how to find them. You also gave specific advice to each of the attendees, offering each of us ideas on how to market ourselves differently, or offering new services, by helping us to think outside the box.

Hannah Benyon, Graphic Designer, with Marc Ford, Business Coach Leicester
Hannah Benyon

Attending Marc’s workshops have really helped my business development. He tells it how it is and to the point but really helps. It makes you accountable to someone and actually get the work done and improve.

Best thing you could do if you want to improve your business.

Chris Surridge, Meridian Heating testimonial, Marc Ford Business Coach in Leicester
Chris SurridgeDirector, Meridian Heat ing

Marc offers the best advice around – and unlike many he won’t sugarcoat the pill! If you ask for his advice and want him to check out what you’re doing, then expect a very honest response. That said Marc will go out of his way to ensure you minimise mistakes and is a font of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t in business. He really is the Best Kept Business Secret!

Paul HorneOwner CoolGoldfish Designs

Yes, I would definitely recommend Marc and your are the best kept business secret!

Thank you so much Marc for your help and I love the ideas and challenges you put in place. You’re definitely helping to make things look and feel a lot easier to me business. Can’t wait for the next 12 months!

Bea Mirelles Marc Ford Business Coach Testimonial Leicester
Beatriz MeirelesOwner, BEA Fitness