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The 100k Mastermind Business Builder

There are lots of systems, products and courses that offer business owners like you, ‘Silver Bullets’ that will ‘guarantee them making millions’ within days. Here’s the news…Silver Bullets don’t exist unless you believe in horror movies. And not all systems work for all businesses. FACT.

Traditional education doesn’t work. If you own a business or are about to start a business, no-one and I mean no-one teaches you how to start, make money, get profit, market or grow your business properly in the REAL WORLD. Somehow we all became, ‘Accidental Business Owners’ and I think it is a fair statement to say everybody is making it up as we go along.

EVERY business has to have basic processes. But beyond that, EVERY business is as different as your thumbprint. Look at McDonalds and Burger King. Both do burgers, but apart from that they are very different. Lovers and haters. Look at Accountants…they all do the same right? WRONG. The basics are the same, but aside from that Accountancy practices are exceptionally different and grow at different rates, doing different things with different specialities and personalities.

The secret to their success and their 100k turnover? It’s about LEVERAGING those differences to be able to define, monetise, market and grow the businesses, quickly, effectively and with the quickest return on investment.

So I may take you back a step or two to jump forwards lots of steps, (without having to do the hard work that others have had to) based on over 20+ years of experience in business, business coaching, interviewing and talking to some of the most successful business owners, marketers and authors in the world. And all that content and EXCLUSIVE content will be here.

I won’t guarantee you making you your first 500k+ in two weeks, but what I will genuinely guarantee is a better defined, monetised, marketed and growing business that will help you work towards that 500k faster, smarter and without wasting a ton of cash, time and effort. This online platform, combined with the ONLINE LIVE Masterminds and quarterly in-person meetings will grow your customer and client numbers quickly and cost-effectively. As a business coach in the UK, I’ve worked with businesses large and small. Corporate giants to one man bands. So how do I help make them successful?

It’s very simple. I teach them to hone in on the real, genuine, key DIFFERENT elements of their business and marketing models and help them leverage those elements so that they attract the right customers and clients to their business and in turn, those evolve quickly into more sales and profits. The things that make them unique and different from their competition.

Not one size fits all. Never has. Never will. And this 100k Mastermind Business Builder programme will help you get the most out of your business, because you are working on these elements independently of anyone else in your industry or niche.

In this online resource, you can study and use the same techniques, ideas, thoughts and processes that are proven by some of the world’s most successful businesses and that I use with small businesses that want to grow and expand, by understanding and concentrating on the right things for their business. It doesn’t matter whether they are in retail, services, events or on the internet.

We’ll look at marketing, products, selling, customer reviews, pricing, branding and so much more. And it will only take roughly an hour a day and you’ll be on the road to a 500k Business Plan success story.

This coaching and training would normally cost you £thousands, but I’m offering it for NOTHING as an additional benefit of The 100K Mastermind Business Builder Group you are in. Yes, that’s right NOTHING! This will dramatically change your business, giving you a roadmap to 100k and beyond.

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