Business Coaching Book - Full of Ideas and Strategies

I wrote my first book in business, for business minded Driving Instructors back in 2014. I wrote it at the same time I completed my MBA and found it hugely inspiring.

Since then I try to write business books for business owners like you that are very much based in the ‘real’ world. In other words I’m not going to tell you to ‘Hustle and Grind’ or about how to become a millionaire in less than 3 days per week. Because it’s rubbish.

What I will do is take a look at businesses and industries like yours from a ‘different’ perspective and make them fun to read.

I hope you enjoy!

Lessons in Business from Dr Who


How can a show based on travel in time and space give you Business Lessons that will help you monetise, grow and market your business?

Well…it’s a 60 year old franchise and has seen mismanagement, rockstar status, brilliant marketing and just as bad marketing, so it has MORE business lessons than you’ll know. Now, in the future and in the past.

No matter wether you are a fan or not, this is 200+ pages of ideas, thoughts and strategies that any business owner can learn from.

The 30 Day Business Plan for Small Business


Never before have so many people, in such a short amount of time, started a new business. Which means there has never been more competition for your customers or clients hard earned money.

So how do you grow your business in the face of such stiff competition? This is where this book comes in.

The Fresh Perspective of Your Business


This book will take a different look at moving your business from where it is today and help you make it a ‘winning and successful business’ that your competitors will want to follow and copy. 

With over 280 pages of quick and easy ideas to implement and boost your business,  as well as parts that will make you want to analyse and question why and how you do things, this could well be the book you HAVE to leave somewhere that you can see it!

Your Best Kept Business Secrets 4 Book Bundle


Get 4 of The Best Kept Business Secret’s Books:

Business Lessons from Dr Who, (how to grow a business without the drama…and the sci-fi)

The Fresh Perspective of Your Business, (a successful you and your business are closer than you think)

The 30 Day Business Plan for Small Business Owners, (that have bigger ambitions)

Your Best Kept Business Secrets Success Diary, (your diary…your successes)

Your Best Kept Business Secrets Diary – A5 Pocketbook


One of the biggest things an entrepreneur can do is write down what works, and remind themselves of what doesn’t. Know what they did last year and remind themselves of what they need to do this year. Plan for the future and learn from the past.

So I’ve designed this desktop, or in your bag diary, that’s for you to be able to look at things instantly, keep yourself on track against your own goals, remind you of what works PLUS I’ll throw in a few bits of ideas and thoughts to keep you going through the next 12 months.