The Business Coach That Lost and Found a Secret

Have you ever felt that the business you’re running just isn’t quite working? Or certainly not as well as it could be.

Are you spinning way too many plates, working long hours, don’t have enough time, feel overwhelmed and not really sure where to go next?

Or there’s a frustration that we aren’t getting the money that we deserve for all the hard work and effort we are constantly putting in.

Maybe our business and personal relationships are just starting to get in a bit of a mess because the business you HAVE is not the business you WANTED. It’s not what we signed up for when we started our businesses is it?

I know exactly how you feel. These problems cost me a marriage, my health, my relationships, sleep, money and respect.

It’s not a great place to be.

It’s a lonely place to be.

It is the worst place to be.

Here I was thousands of pounds in debt, feeling very alone and isolated putting on a show for other people because I wanted to be a success. I wanted to show everyone who ever doubted my abilities that I could start and run a successful business and make it work. I wanted to show people that what I had achieved in the corporate world, where I made a lot of money for managers, directors, CEO’s and shareholders wasn’t a fluke. But here I was tired, worn out, overwhelmed and broke.

It took me arriving at rock bottom to work out how to turn my own business around and be the success I wanted it to be and go on to sell it. 


Redemption and Success

Those experiences that I went through added to my thirst for knowledge for simple and easy ways to get stuff done efficiently and better that has led me to succeed. It led me to what I do now…which is as a business coach in Leicester I make time and products to coach and teach business owners like you how to make more money, have more time in your days, get processes in place to grow and market your business better.

The businesses I’ve been lucky to have worked with have experienced game-changing and life-changing results. And it was because of the decisions we made together and that they were accountable for. They have transformed they way they work, how they do it, what they do and why they do it. 

Business owners that had little hope or expectation of their business working, let alone making them money, have gone from a 4 figure business to a 6 figure business. We’ve turned around businesses that were on the verge of bankruptcy to making hundreds of thousands of pounds in profit. I’ve worked with business owners so stressed they were on the verge of breakdowns and they now have the business they wanted and really deserved. (Read some Testimonials Here)


Well, I’m a straight-talking, experienced and a successful business coach who cares, encourages and will challenge you enough to be your best version. I just make a successful business…simple to do. 

And between us, we’ll work out what’s right for you. Wether it’s 1:1 business coaching in Leicester or Skype, Mastermind Groups, Online programmes or even just a book. 

I do what’s right for you, because it’s your business and your success.


What Is ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’?

I’m known as ‘Your Best Kept Business Secret’, because your success is your success and as your business coach I just help you get there from behind the scenes. So I become ‘YOUR Best Kept Business Secret’.

Don’t get me wrong, the work that I’ve done as business coach has led me to do some wonderful things with some great people like be a regular business commentator for TV and radio outlets such as BBC News, Channel 4, BBC national and local radio, a speaker for corporate companies such as Siemens, Hitachi, The Food Standards Agency and Mercedes Benz, but nothing beats your business success. And you will not find me ‘crowing’ about how your successful because I’m awesome. Your hardworking, your blood, sweat and tears. I’ll be the missing part that sits in the background.

It’s what motivates me, what drives me and let’s be honest…what pays me.

So if you’d like to know more just ask! You can contact me through my contact page or follow me on the social media links down below or even book a FREE 30 Minute Focus Call and I can say “Hi!” To you personally.

I genuinely hope to speak to you soon,


Just a few words from some of my clients…

Dr Andy Cope
Best Selling Author and Happiness Expert at Art of Brilliance

What can I say? Marc has a set of skills that nobody in our team has. We’re not a bad lot, but business acumen, hunger to exceed customer expectations and the ability to shout about the good stuff we’re doing were somehow lacking.So we’re lucky that we are now tapping into his skills. We see Marc as a very rare talent and are working with him on all sorts of happiness, wellbeing and ‘brilliant’ projects. He has a lovely mix of technical skills, business nouse, drive, enthusiasm and (most crucially) he’s a thoroughly nice bloke who wants to make a difference

James Blacklaws
CEO of JB Commercial Finance

Marc has a unique style of business coaching. Rather than wear a cheap suit and hide behind a franchise, Marc wears a white t-shirt, swears a bit and tells you what he really believes, rather than what a ‘one size fits all’ model tells him to say. As well as being a client of Marc’s, I have recommended several local business people consider using his coaching. While some initially were concerned having been used to the ‘C&A suit brigade’ of business coaches they were quickly won over by the results they saw produced by Marc’s coaching. The bottom line spoke loudest.

Margot Clarke
Clarke Consultancy

Marc’s approach is very different to that of a “normal” business coach. Goodness, he doesn’t even dress the way you’d expect a business coach to dress. But that’s what’s so great about him. He’s his own man and is brave enough to do things his own way. And it works! He’s got me to step out of my comfort zone (with a lot of nagging on his part!) and do things that I would rather not do but am glad I’ve done. And the best thing is that he cares. He really believes in the people he works with and is always at the end of a phone if ever you need to talk. Having that support is invaluable when you’re a small business owner.

Beatriz Meireles
Owner, BEA Fitness

Yes, I would definitely recommend Marc and your are the best kept business secret!

Thank you so much Marc for your help and I love the ideas and challenges you put in place. You’re definitely helping to make things look and feel a lot easier to me business. Can’t wait for the next 12 months!

Paul Horne
Owner CoolGoldfish Designs

Marc offers the best advice around – and unlike many he won’t sugarcoat the pill! If you ask for his advice and want him to check out what you’re doing, then expect a very honest response. That said Marc will go out of his way to ensure you minimise mistakes and is a font of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t in business. He really is the Best Kept Business Secret!

Becky Page
Director at RS Print

Back To School Workshop Wow! – What an amazing day that was! Yesterday I attended Marc Ford’s ‘back-to-school worksho’p which showcased six expert speakers talking about different elements of business. My head is absolutely exploding with the incredible and helpful information that was given during those talks. What I really like about Marc’s style is that he makes things fun but you still learn so much and I personally came away fired up and bursting to implement things into my own business. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone wanting to improve their business – Top class!

Hannah Benyon

You share valuable lessons and tools alongside real life examples, whilst managing to keep the atmosphere of the room fun and energised throughout the day. I learnt the importance of developing strong alliances and partnerships, and how to reach new clients by understanding who they are and how to find them. You also gave specific advice to each of the attendees, offering each of us ideas on how to market ourselves differently, or offering new services, by helping us to think outside the box.